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14 April 2015
Hello psychos, Well, this one needs an announcement! After closing off the first edition of AEON Festival with a late show on April 4th, now it's time for the next one! Fault will be playing a rare no- live- drums- set (the way we started as a band back in the early days) at Mixtape 5 on April 16, as part of a benefit gig for our friend Tatko Karlo. A number of other acts will also be performing. Hope to see ya all there!
22 July 2014
We are happy to announce that our band will be headlining the Independent Sofia Summer Festival 2014! The one-day-event will take place at Maimunarnika (Borisova Gradina) on 26 July 2014. Other bands also include Mazut, Mindown, Muddy etc. Hope to see you all there!
21 May 2014
Experimental, noise, industrial, loud & heavy! Live! 22 May. 2014, Rock-bar Fans. MIR is a Swiss sound space-ship coming to your town, with local support by Fault. This would be our second live show for 2014, on the back of our joint gig with Alien Industry in late February. Doors open: 20:00 h DJ set by Queen Of DeKadance: 20:30 h Fault live: 21:30 h MIR live: 22:30 h Entry: 6 BGN Come and see us!
22 April 2013
After exactly a year of absence Fault are back live again on April 25! The usual venue is the well-known Fans Rock bar, the support provided by Mazut. Hope to see you all there!
14 May 2012
Dear friends & fans, We are happy to announce that Fault have joined the, the web page that helps new music reach its fans. Currently you can find two of Fault's recorded sessions directly at:
21 April 2012
Fault's next gig coming up on April 25th in Fans Rock Bar, a joint performance with Alien Industry this time. It will be Fault's next live show in less than a month after the band was last onstage for the Syndicate Festival in March.
7 March 2012
The 3rd edition of Syndicate Mini Fest is coming up on March 30, 2012. Fault and co- organizers Gorgon will also be welcoming at "3 ushi" club the likes of Mazut and other live acts yet to be confirmed. This will be Fault's first live appearance for 2012 since their last show back on December 10, 2011 at Bar Royal in Burgas.
31 December 2011
Back in June 2009 we recorded four tracks at subzero studio. Soultheft, Moonshine, Factory and Voltaic mixes are now available!
13 September 2011
After the successful celebration of their 10th Anniversary Fault are going live again on September 22, 2011 at Fans Rock Bar. The usual venue this time will host both Fault and Mazut for their first joint gig ever! Hope to see you all there! Enjoy!
12 August 2011
Lyrics for Soultheft are available
14 January 2011
Fault are celebrating our 10th birthday this January. We are happy to invite you to our Anniversary gig on January 23rd at Fault's favourite venue- Fans Rock bar. Special guests for this festive event- provided by our friends from Urban Grey. Get your metal gear ready and hope to see you all there!
11 April 2010
This year, the Syndicate mini-festival will happen on April 18th. fault will share stage with Shrine, MOKUSHI and Infection. The event will take place at Rock Bar FANS.
20 January 2010
fault`s live appearance for the Hardcore Massacre 2 will be their first show for 2010. fault will feature on 23 January, the second day of the festival, for a half-hour-set on stage of The Box club, Sofia
19 November 2009
We confirm that fault's live performance on Sunday, November 22 at Fans Rock Bar remains unchanged. There is a slight change in the line-up though as Voyvoda did not confirm their part in the event. The perfect support for the evening will be provided by DJ Will with his usual blend of industrial tunes... Enjoy!!!
16 November 2009
See us live on November 22th at Fans rock bar.
2 February 2009
The Syndicate is the initial idea of further getting the Bulgarian Industrial scene together with its fans and supporters! We are happy to announce that FAULT will inevitably take part of The Syndicate on the "Industry Night" on Feb. 22 by making a joint performance with Voyvoda at FANS Club. The Syndicate includes 3 nights of performances starting with the "Orgy Night" (Feb. 9) followed by the "Electricity Night" (Feb. 16) and the closing act with FAULT and Voyvoda for the "Industry Night" on Feb. 22! Hope to see you all at FANS Club!!!
27 September 2008
We are further extending our good collaboration with VJ Gorgon by adding yet another joint show on October 5, 2008 at FANS rock-bar. "Mesmerize" night will witness the new visual performance by VJ Gorgon as well as FAULT's live act including 2 tracks that have not been performed for a long time.
7 August 2008
The final line-up for the Jack Daniel's Rock Stage at the Spirit of Burgas Festival (August 15-17, 2008) has been officially announced. fault have their live act scheduled at 23:50 on August 15th during the first evening of the 3-day-event. This would now be second consecutive annual live gig for FAULT at the Black Sea coast after successfully closing the Short Film Festival in Balchik in 2007. Looking forward to seeing you all on the beach!
5 April 2008
We are happy to announce that fault will be one of the Bulgarian support acts to the Mexican duo Hocico as part of the Gorgon Electro Mini Fest' 08. The one-day-event takes place on Saturday, April 12th, at chitalishte "Hristo Botev", ul. Tzar Simeon 147. Doors openat 19:00.
24 January 2008
fault have just confirmed their live act at Dystopic Future Ambient & Industrial Festival on January 27th at Swinging Hall. After the "Industrial Massacre" also in January this will be fault's second live show in a space of two weeks which happens for the first time in the band's history!
7 January 2008
"Industrial Massacre" is an event dedicated to the industrial sound & vision. In the evening of January 15th in "Fans" club the prime suspects are Will playing some noise & military marches and fault's live performance.
8 October 2007
Freak Show version 1.1 released, both audio and video. Audio from version 1 is remixed.
30 September 2007
New audio and video media is available for download! It is grabbed from our live at staff party of 5th International Short Film Festival, Balchik. New audio files are for Cracked Robot, Factory, Follow the Path, Soultheft, Surrender, Treason, Voltaic, Voodoooo and Zombie Island. New video files are for Factory and Voodoooo. Enjoy!
28 May 2007
fault will be one of the three bands that will join Kuln and Propaganda on June 7th at the Black Box club in Sofia. This upcoming show will be the first to witness these 3 bands on one stage for their live multimedia performance. Hope to see you all there!
13 April 2007
The upcoming Cosmos party will start at 19:30 with music selected by VJ Gorgon. Next, at 21:00 VJ Gorgon will expose audio-visual show dedicated to The International Day of Aeronautics. Around 21:30 fault will start their gig, also backed up with video. Then party will continue with EBM and industrial music until rocket fuel is exhausted. So, take your space suit and let the party started.
3 April 2007
The next upcoming fault's live show will be the participation in "Cosmos" performance that will be held in "Fans" bar on April 16. The whole event is dedicated to the International Day of Aeronautics. More news to follow...
2 April 2007
We had hardware failure problems these days and site was unaccessible. We apologize for any inconveniences caused by the outage.
9 June 2006
More photos from New Macedonian Salute festival are available.
17 May 2006
Photos from New Macedonian Salute festival are available.
5 May 2006
fault have appointed their first international gig. It has been scheduled for May 13th as part of New Macedonian Salute festival in Skopje. The one-day-event will take place in Universal hall where various bands from Macedonia (Mizar, One of Us, PMG, Siniac), Serbia (Istok), Croatia (Phantasmagoria) and Greece (2-L8) will come on stage. fault will be representing Bulgaria courtesy of Gorgon shop.
18 March 2006
Photos from our last show at O!Shipka club are available. Because of large photo collection, "photos" section was changed to ease browsing. Kolio (Redrum, Urban Grey) was on drums for the show. He was invited as guest musician to play drums instead of Viktor who left the band recently.
17 February 2006
We would like to welcome you to fault's first live appearance for 2006. It will again be in O'Shipka club on March, 15 with the joint participation of shemale ZERO. Come and enjoy!!!
16 December 2005
Link to Kuln's site updated.
5 December 2005
Newly scanned, but old photos added. They are from pre-"Mashina" party session and from fifth national tattoo fest.
20 November 2005
Link to "shemale ZERO" site updated.
9 November 2005
RSS 2.0 feed with news is now available.
8 November 2005
Link to STROEJA club added.
1 June 2005
Link to Open Culture - Bulgaria added.
9 May 2005
As visitors of our last two performances may have noticed, fault have new member - Viktor. He plays drums. The "fault & Personal" site section has been updated to include some info about him.
5 March 2005
We are happy to announce fault's first appearance for 2005! The performance will happen again at O!Shipka club on March 22 as fault will be joined by Incadus for the first time on this stage. We look forward to seeing you there!
12 November 2004
fault will perform on november 21st, at "3 ushi" club. Support will be provided by DJ Will.
12 September 2004
Due to lack of communication with O'Shipka club, fault will not perform on September 14th, as announced by them. However, the long-term-planned appearance at Tattoo Fest, will take place at Hristo Botev Hall on September 26th. The event starts at 14:00 o'clock.
6 August 2004
Link to "gorgon Gothic shop" updated.
Link to DREADLOCKZ site updated.
3 August 2004
Lyrics for "Cracked Robot", "Follow The Path", "Tunnel" and "Buy A Lie" added some time ago
Link to "shemale ZERO" site updated.
28 June 2004
Video media available for Astray, Body Shock, Freak Show, The Model (feat VJ Gorgon) and Engine. For Engine audio media is available too.
1 June 2004
After almost a year of absence fault go live again in O'Shipka club on June 15. This time the band will share the stage with VJ Gorgon who will play industrial and ambient beats with lots of videos as well! The whole performance will be heavily supported by big screen multimedia! Hope to see you there.
2 May 2004
Link to DREADLOCKZ added.
18 April 2004
Link to bulgarian industrial band "SheMale ZERO" added to "Links" page.
3 March 2004
Songs page layout updated.
8 February 2004
New mp3 media available for songs "The Aliens", "Astray", "GPF" and "Tunnel". Busty remix of "The Aliens" is available too. We started to publish WAV madia as requested by some people.
9 January 2004
A new song (rough version) added.
9 November 2003
Photos from July 2003 performance available.
7 July 2003
fault`s third successive live appearance in O!Shipka will be on July 20th. After the previous two joint gigs there, now fault are going to hit the stage this time with Urban Grey!
6 July 2003
Some time ago "fans" section got working. One can register itslef to receive newsletter about fault events like new gigs and new audio/video media available from the site.
4 March 2003
Watch us live with ALIEN INDUSTRY at O'SHIPKA on March, 24th
25 January 2003
Link to CORVUS site updated.
29 November 2002
fault live at "O! Shipka", 25.12.2002
1 November 2002
New photo sessions added - April and September 2002
Thanks page updated.
Links page updated.
9 August 2002
"Joyful company" lyrics added.
"The Model" lyrics added.
15 July 2002
"Base Jumping" lyrics added.
"Freak Show" lyrics added.
"Astray" lyrics updated.
"Freak Show" mp3 status changed to "demo".
Link to Kuln's site updated.
7 July 2002
"Freak Show" ("Dissolved") mp3 added.
Song list updated with songs in progress.
1 March 2002
Links menu item added.
Link to Kuln's site added.
18 January 2002
Photos layout updated.
The new songs added.
17 January 2002
Nadejda Pantcheva added to thanks page.
21 October 2001
Astray mp3 available.
Body Shock mp3 updated.